Barry and Kimberly

Well this was a pretty damn special day. It really does make for an amazing day when you get to photograph people who are not only just beautiful people in general but people you have known for a very long time.

Barry and Kimberly have been long term friends of mine and when they brought me on board to photography their wedding I couldn't have been more excited. They have the most beautiful love story, meeting through their best mates who set them up and from that point the rest was history. Barry is one of those guys who is just simply, unbelievably kind. He will make you laugh until your stomach hurts and man I did not stop laughing on their big day. Kimberly is sweetness personified. She looked absolutely unbelievable on her wedding day but she is one of those people who would look beautiful in a potato sack.

These two got married in the stunning Knox church surrounded by an enormous number of family and friends. With such a love for people it was always going to be that Barry and Kimberly had a large number of people show up to see them tie the knot! The ceremony was beautiful with not a dry eye in the house. A dear friend and mentor of Barry's; Lloyd Rankin officiated the ceremony and it was so special to have such an important person in their life marrying them.

From there we made our way out to Bottle Lake Forest which is where Barry asked Kimberly to marry him. With a collection of groomsmen who were definitely down for a laugh we ended up with some of the most hilarious photos we may have ever shot. We had actually been out to Bottle Lake for the engagement shoot as well so we knew exactly where the spots would be to nail the location photos.

We were lucky enough to have heaps of time between ceremony and reception because it was important to the couple that they got time to just enjoy the time with their Bridal party. Barry and Kimberly decided it had been a long day and Maccas was exactly what everyone needed to tie them over. So dressed in gowns and suits the bridal party and I smashed a few cheeseburgers. It was definitely a wedding first for me but such a laugh and such a great way to break up the day. From there we still had some time so we decided to head to the beach and catch the last of the sun. After being in heels all day the girls were first to get their feet in the water and we managed to grab some of my favourite shots of the day. It was a perfect way to finish off photos.

The reception was at the Mt Pleasant Community centre where Barry's family provided the most incredible spread of food I've ever seen. There was no chance of heading home hungry. Speeches were beautiful and the dancing was next level. I left the wedding smiling from ear to ear. What an amazing couple and an amazing day.

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